Pros and Cons of Homework

The mention of homework creates a level of anxiety and chill in many students. It is also one of the most debated topics/practice worldwide. While proponents believe it is a way of reinforcing learning, the opposition thinks it causes stress among students.

Each side has valid points to back their claim, so we seek to highlight some pros and cons of homework in this piece.

Pros of homework

  • Encourages discipline

Consistent practice reinforces discipline despite it being difficult and boring to achieve. It is not easy to repeat something continually, and it takes dedication to achieve that. Once you keep doing homework every night, you build endurance in working for long hours. This is an essential life skill that can help students in their work and other aspects of life.

  • Parents contribute to children education

Homework is the best way parents can contribute to their kids’ education. It helps them know what the kids learn at school, their shortfalls, and the kind of help needed as the kids seek help at 123Homework while doing their assignments.

  • Improves time management

Homework inculcates into children the act of time management as they always try to present their works on time. Meeting deadlines is an important aspect of home tasks as no teacher entertains late submission. With this, students can plan their day, giving prominence to homework.

  • Gives student time to learn

Unlike classroom hours, where teachers rush through lessons due to limited time, the child gets time to complete homework when home. They can review study materials, understand the concept, and complete their work at their own pace at home.

  • Cuts down screen time

The amount of time children spend on the screen currently is alarming. Hours used in playing games, browsing the web, using smartphones, and watching television are sources of worry. Therefore, assigning children with homework reduces such activities because they would prefer completing the homework first before engaging in other activities. Consequently, the time spent on the screen is reduced.

Cons of homework

  • Children need to play

Learning is essential, likewise playing. After spending about 6 to 7 hours in the classroom, kids need to refresh their minds and ease stress by engaging in extracurricular activities. Through that, they can learn a new craft or some essential life skills.

  • Promote a sedentary lifestyle

At times students need to work on homework for long hours, which requires long hours of sitting. A sedentary lifestyle causes numerous health implications, including obesity, premature death, and high-stress levels.

  • Lack of research backings

Homework has highly been praised for reinforcing learning and improving academic performance. However, there is no research backing such claims. An assignment has no direct bearing on students’ academic performance, especially at the elementary level. Some may argue that it does improve performance at higher levels, but that is not absolute.

  • Promote cheating

Some students may decide to complete the homework in school instead of taking it home. Those who take it home may also refer to study materials or do an internet search to find answers. Others also copy responses from colleagues to reduce the time spent on homework.